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    Do you need data overview ? Or  getting access to all your data to present your performance indicators ? – then see the business intelligence SmartBoard – here you can realize your business Value by transforming data into KPI business insights.


    Let a Software Robot  help you with  KPI reporting , business intelligence or ESG reporting.

    SmartBoard allows you to present individually designed reports and notifications.

    Companies invest, in these years, heavily in multiple systems and processes to improve customer and employee satisfaction, but without one single overview of all the relevant data this investment will not be fully capitalized.

    Bussiness Insights with SmartBoard

    Whitepaper. The digital reporting solution  powered by CC-Interactive

    Within the field of Business intelligence software the SmartBoard stands out since it is truly digital. The solution uses

    Automated Data Collection and  data visualization.

    SmartBoard enables enterprises  to Process and Visualize Data  without  traditional It integration.


    Are you ready to utilize your business data for exceptional business insights? Do you want to win investors with impeccable ESG reports?

    Our smart Business Intelligence Software   can help you to accomplish all these with ease and comfort.

    Let’s find out why SmartBoard would be your ideal companion in fulfilling all your data analytics, KPI reporting , data collection and visualization goals.

    SmartBoard makes Collecting and Visualizing Data More Convenient

    One thing that separates SmartBoard us from the average business intelligence tools is the RBI (Robotics Business Intelligence) technology. Usually, BI Tools use a manual data collection method that involves human operators.

    Our AI-assisted BI tool, however, uses software robots instead which transforms the entire process! The traditional coding takes a lot of time while coding performed by software robots is flawless and a lot less time-consuming.

    So you get a rapid data collecting and visualization performance.

    Some of the major benefits of robot-assisted data processing, robots works 24/7 without any breaks, delivers 100% accurate results and the process does not require internal IT ressources.

    Especially for financial reporting SmartBoard has shown its values since any data from all kinds of legacy systems can be presented withour hassle or time consuming IT integration

    Plenty of Data Visualization Options 

    SmartBoard offers you plenty of data presentation models for your KPI reports, you can use the one that suits your requirements.

    From column chart, bar graph, stacked bar graph, line graph, and dual-axis chart to pie chart and radar/ scatter plot, you’re getting all the information presentation models all in one place .

    Another benefit to keep in mind is that you won’t require extremely difficult procedures to switch to different visualization options. You can change your data visualization from a graph to a chart with just a click.  And you can generate a specific KPI report , management report, accounting report using this  unique  ditital business intelligence software

    You won’t have to manually rearrange the whole information from scratch, instead, the program will automatically organize the data to your preferred model instantly.

    It makes demonstrating the data a whole lot easier and simplifies complicated information for everyone to understand easily.

    One further of the key features are the ability to generate specific user business insight reports consisting of data from several different business areas  such as KPI, accounting data, management performance, employee performance or sales performance data.

    Increase your Understanding of your Customers’ Mindset and needs by KPI and business insights.

    SmartBoard helps companies understand their customers better by providing them with relevant information about their needs, behavior, and preferences using reliable digital reporting, business reporting or management and  financial reporting. This helps them to serve customers better and improve customer retention rates, which is often one of the main Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) .

    Developing ESG Reports 

    SmartBoard is an automatic reporting platform that uses robots to gather information from various sources, analyze it and present it in a way that helps decision-makers understand how their operations are affecting the environment and society around them.  With SmartBoard you can report online on Environmental Social Governance performance- so that you can  improve the actual performance before publishing the annual ESG report. In this way data is transformed into actionable business insights in the area of ESG.

    This process enables organizations to make informed decisions about their operations so that they can improve their ESG performance and become more sustainable in the long run.

    As the typical manual collection of vast amounts of data required for ESG reports is incredibly time-consuming and expensive, we use specially programmed software robots to collect the data and build a digital ESG report for you. This saves a lot of time, hassle and enables you to act on the business insights from the BI solution.

    So, you get to comply with the EU regulations and attract new investors at the same time using the incredibly user-friendly ESG reporting technology by SmartBoard!

    Data Accessibility for Added Flexibility 

    SmartBoard offers you the freedom of data accessibility via the Mobile Dashboard. You can view your dashboard anywhere, anytime. This gives you the flexibility to keep yourself updated with all the information at hand and make decisions based on the information at any moment.  Such KPI reporting, business insights or management reports can also  be presented to anyone without being in a professional setting via the mobile app.

    The KPI Reporting  enables you to Make Informed Business Decisions and act on the business insights in real time.

    SmartBoard provides accurate KPI reports that help managers make decisions based on business insights and online management reporting. For example, a company may want to know which products have the highest production costs so that it can compare different products and decide which ones should be produced in greater quantities. SmartBoard collects data and present the relevant performance indicators so better decisions can be made.

    Data Comparison Capabilities 

    Comparing data groups by years or months helps organizations assess the business progress or  implement corrective actions. These  business insights provides crucial information for the management reporting and optimal decisions.

    And that’s exactly what SmartBoard is all about!

    Using SmartBoard you can easily compare data groups by months or years. It will give you profound business insights into how your  business is doing and help you determine and adopt appropriate business strategies for success.

    Business Analytics 

    Business analytics is the process of using data to make informed business decisions in order to improve business performance. Therefore, business intelligence software is often used to  collect and visualize such data.

    SmartBoard revolutionizes the whole process with a simple-to-use interface and precise analytics output.

    Businesses need to make decisions regularly, often in response to new market conditions or changes in customer behavior and this requires typically business insights in real-time or relevant KPI reporting.

    In order for these decisions to be made, they must be based on accurate information about the market, their competitors, their customers, and the product or services being offered.

    Our business analytics tools and key performance indicators is typically used to brief management with the required management information  and business insights on various aspects of the company. Which allows them to make better-informed decisions


    Fast Implementation and Data Safety

    The best part about SmartBoard is that the implementation doesn’t take long. In  a few weeks to a few month your business intelligence software solution will be ready to present business insights or KPI data for you, which makes it easier for the organization to act on the  provided information in realtime.

    Our data collection, storing, visualization, and transfer, all are done following the guidelines and regulations is of course fully GDPR compliant.

    Our Business intelligence software solution  can either  be deployed  on premises or as a secure cloud-based solution.  This  ensures that you will receive the KPI reports and business insights without  risk of data breach.

    SmartBoard- The digital Business Intelligence software solution

    SmartBoard provides the relevant business insights for  performance reporting or management reporting.

    Additionally,  the business intelligence software solution can be used for  ESG reporting , which has recently become extremely relevant by the EU requirements that all companies above 500 employees mush publish an ESG report each year.

    Smartboard transform your data into business insights  and KPI reports  with the digital reporting  solution.

    One of the key advantages is the fully automatic data collection which enables you to act on the digital business insights you receive from our BI solution.  We use a fully digital data collection method with Software Robots doing the work.  And all the data is presented in the KPI dashboard and  makes your business and management reporting  simpler and less time consuming.

    Personalized Overview

    SmartBoard creates one single overview of the selected data by using Robots to collect data. This allows you to focus on your area of expertise.


    Create you own KPI Dashboard or use it for ESG reporting.

    • Get your own Advanced business insights
    • Improve your own Performance indicators with realtime automatic reporting
    • SmartBoard can be used as your personalised digital reporting
    • Especially within financial reporting SmartBoard has proven its value since even data from most legacy systems can be presented in a personalized dashboard. Furthermore, SmartBoard does not require time consuming IT integration since it uses Robotics data collection.


    Access to your personalized dashboard anywhere. Stay tuned on the go with SmartBoard.


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    Use cases

    With SmartBoard you are able to have one single overview of all data without having to create a cumbersome IT project.


    Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity by presenting individual and relevant data.

    SmartBoard allows each manager to take informed decisions by having the relevant data presented in realtime. Each user can create own individual dashboards and give each topic a separate color to visually distinguish the different topics.

    For a Head of Sales some typical dashboards would be one with sales performance data and one with employee data each in different colors.

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    Selected benefits from a SmartBoard implementation:

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